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Mt. Lebanon Percussion




Mt. Lebanon Percussion is proud to offer high quality private lessons from our five in house staff members to all students in the community. 


As our lives have all changed due to COVID-19, our private lessons have remained constant whether in person or remote.  1 on 1 instruction has always been the key to our students success.  Both options are currently available.
Get real time feedback, ask questions, make rapid progress and get instant confirmation. Staff can make due with whatever instrument availability you have, there is always a skill to work on!

Who teaches private lessons?

subha live 2018 3.jpg

Mr. Subha Das

Mr. Jeremy DeLuca

Mr. Will King


Mr. Dan Meunier

jas pro shot.jpeg

Mr. Jason Miller

Our staff has over 80 years of private percussion instruction in Mt. Lebanon between them and are the life blood of the program. 
Each instructor runs their own studio's lessons and have varying availability.  When you sign up for lessons, you can be given any teacher based off of availability, or request a certain one if you have an idea of who you would like.

Why take private lessons?

Consistent 1-on-1 instruction is invaluable when it comes to developing a skill like music.  Besides improving their musical skills, lessons instill students with a sense of responsibility, increase their motivation to continue with their growth, and gives them a fun and safe place to play music!

What are the rates?

Prices are set by the FMLP Board
30 minute lessons are $30.00
60 minute lessons are $55.00
All payments will go through the individual instructors and are competitive for the area.
Pittsburgh Area Average per hour lesson $65

What instruments are taught?

We pride ourselves in our teaching philosophy of educating overall percussionistsALL instruments, styles, and realms of percussion are taught.  From world drumming, keyboard, orchestral, or drum set...there is a full percussion experience for all! The entire fleet of equipment Mt. Lebanon Percussion has is at your finger tips!

What is the schedule?

Lessons are available for in

30 and 60 minute sessions weekly.
Each instructor creates and communicates their own weekly schedule. Lessons can be done in person in our percussion facilities, at the instructors home studios, or remotely.

If you are interested in setting up lessons, please click below to fill out your information

Visit our PERC 101 video library to get some beginner lessons from our staff!

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