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Automatic Car Wash



Manual Car Wash/Dog Wash

Purchase the most popular $14 car wash for a discounted price of $10!
This car wash includes drying and a light wax.

Buy as many washes as you'd like!
After your purchase, we will email you the code which will be programmed with the amount you purchased.

$10 = Code works for 1 wash

$20 = Code works for 2 washes

$50 = Code works for 5 washes
...and so forth...

Purchase a $20 card manual card for
a discounted price of $16!

Buy as many cards as you'd like!

The card is equivalent to 20 minutes for either a
self-serve car wash station, dog wash, or a combo. 
After your purchase, we will either mail you your card or arrange for a pick up or delivery.


$16 = 1 Card for 20 total minutes

$32 = 2 Cards for 40 total minutes
$80 = 5 Cards for 100 total minutes
...and so forth...

These DO NOT expire!

Stock up for those grimy winter months!

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